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Voucher – Soft touch grip.

You have got the option to buy a voucher direct in our store.

If you can not choose one gift of our varied services or products. You can not go wrong with a voucher. A voucher is always a good idea.

You can get our giftcard with a softtouch-surface direct in our flagship store.

Note: A cash payment is not possible about a voucher. In case of lost the voucher we can not replace it.

Luffa Bath Soap (80 g)

Luffa soap is used to combat existing, and prevent future, ingrown hair. The Luffa sponge built into the soap provides both a pleasant massage and a light exfoliation. The soap is available in different scents, and is ideal for hot, humid days! The effect is invigorating and refreshing! I AM VEGGIE.

Badeffee Body Peeling (300 ml)

Restorative body peeling made of sea salt and natural Luffa particles leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and well-groomed. Almond oil, shea and coco butter provide your skin with moisture and valuable nutrients. No additional cream is needed after application!

Velona Aloe Vera Gel (50 ml)

Extra moisturizing and soothing aloe vera gel. Cools and refreshes! Apply immediately after hair removal or skin irritation.

Depileve Intimate Folisan (10 ml)

Roll-on applicator bottle with gel for easy application in hard-to-reach and intimate areas. Apply in the morning and the evening to prevent pustules and ingrown hair.

Depileve Folisan (150 ml)

This liquid exfoliates the skin surface allowing/which allows hair to grow unimpeded by the first layer of skin. Used to prevent ingrown hairs. It also relieves the irritation of pimples caused by shaving. Men can also use this product on the beard and neck area.